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Protect Your Organization Against the Three Most Common Attack Techniques Being Used
Against You

With the global cost of cybercrime to exceed $1 Trillion according to a 2021 report by McAfee, it’s time CEOs stop seeing money as a panacea for cybersecurity and instead rely on a well-formed strategy aligned to the business..

The pandemic made matters worse, causing threat actors to take advantage of vulnerabilities created or worsened by the pandemic when your organization had to extend your internal network to employees’ homes overnight in pell-mell.

To meet the business challenges for your organization in 2021 and beyond, you need to work with your CISO to ensure spending falls in line with an overarching strategy aligned to your business. Your CISO is a dichotomy of transformational leader and tactician, that should ensure security controls gracefully and effectively work together to make your organization more resilient against cyberattack.

The three most common ways adversaries will target your organization is by targeting your employees in order to persuade them into giving them their password (account takeover), target your network remotely through remote access solutions, like a VPN or remote desktop, and move around laterally within your network until the “crown jewels” are found to be encrypted for a large ransom payment, stolen, or all of the above. 

Instead of addressing these three challenges with multiple point solutions, a single-solution approach is available called BlastShield™ that combines passwordless multifactor authentication (MFA) that prevents account takeovers, cloaking your organization’s assets so they aren’t visible to those who aren’t authorized to communicate with them, and secure remote access that can extend your internal network to any external network, including the homes of your employees.

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“BlastShield truly works. In test after test, I was unsuccessful at circumventing its passwordless MFA login for remote access as well as break outside the software-defined microsegmentation to pivot around inside the network.” - Alissa Knight, CISO, Recovering Hacker

Challenges Faced by CEOs

  • Securing your remote workforce
  • Segmenting flat networks
  • Account Takeover

How BlastShield Helps CEOs

BlastShield™ helps ensure your CISO’s strategy maintains alignment with your business goals to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the data you’re entrusted with keeping secure from data leaks or breaches that might violate privacy laws and diminish consumer/shareholder trust. Your business needs to be able to use this data to fully inform strategic decisions made by you and the Board. By ensuring this data is not visible to those who don’t have a “need to know” to access it, it prevents data leaks and/or ransomware attacks. 

BlastShield™ also provides your organization the capability to securely extend your internal network resources to your remote employees, making the business more nimble and able to go anywhere your talent is. However, this is done securely, preventing loss to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive data and resources. Historically, this was achieved with Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology, which requires appliance lock-in and can introduce vulnerabilities into the network, including account take-over due to the use of passwords and keys that can be easily stolen.

Finally, if passwords aren’t being used for that remote access, it’s not possible to be guessed or stolen. BlastShield™ implements passwordless multifactor authentication obviating the need for your employees to remember passwords and eliminating the threat of them accidentally divulging it to attackers.

VPN Alternative

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“The security of our data and our customers’ data is our highest priority and we needed a secure platform to provide access to our hybrid data services, hosted both in the cloud and on-premise. BlastShield filled both these needs for us with their patented solution.”- Emil Erlandsson, VP of Professional Services at A2i

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