VMShield - for VMWare

Advanced protection for VMware ESXi environments

VMShield™ creates an invisible management plane for VMware ESXi environments, cloaking vCenter and critical VMware management systems from unwanted access. VMShield™ deploys in minutes as lightweight software running on a single virtual machine, and delivers advanced protection against unwanted access, malware delivery, and malware propagation within ESXi environments.

VMShield for VMWare

A secure, invisible management plane for vCenter

The days of worrying about unwanted access into vCenter are over!
VMShield™ creates an invisible shield around vCenter and critical Guest VM's, rendering them invisible to malicious actors and creating a management plane for vCenter and ESXi.

Lightweight ESXi resident software (VM)

Creates a protective shield around vCenter and Guest VM’s

Renders all ESXi host VM’s invisible to attackers

Provides granular User-VM, and VM-VM Micro-segmentation

Provides cross-VM isolation, preventing lateral movement

Multi-surface password-less MFA for remote access

Password-less Multi-factor remote access

Prevents unwanted access

VMShield™ eliminates unwanted access. Trusted users can quickly and conveniently access vCenter and ESXi management services via password-less multi-factor authentication that is immune to phishing, replay attacks and is highly resistant to theft.

Quick, convenient access to vCenter and management services

Seamless password-less multi-factor authentication

Prevents phishing and lateral movement

Significantly reduces the risk of theft

Available for Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android

Host & Virtual machine Cloaking

ESXi Host and VM Protection

VMShield™ renders the ESXi host and all virtual machines invisible, so they cannot be discovered by malicious actors.

All Guest OS VM’s rendered invisible to malicious actors

Center Server, and Kernel rendered invisible

Cannot be scanned or detected from within the LAN

Granular access control to Kernel, vCenter, and Guest VM’s

Micro-segmentation & Access Control

Granular Access-Control

VMShield™ deploys as an in-line VM image - protecting vCenter and VM guests and providing real-time micro-segmentation and access control.

In-line protection for vCenter and all VM's

Real-time control of remote user access

Real-time control of VM-VM connections

Policy-controlled VM Isolation (prevents intra VM scanning)

Micro-segmentation of VMs within the ESXi hypervisor

layer 2 - VM Isolation

Prevents reconnaissance and lateral movement

Preventing network scans and lateral movement within the LAN is critical. VMShield™ prevents unwanted scanning of systems within the LAN, and protects against lateral movement through VM isolation.

LAN Micro-Segmentation across the ESXi environment

Policy-controlled Layer 2 VM Isolation

Auto-configuration of VM's (IP Addressing, DNS)

A gif showing how you can control the BlastShield™ software-defined VPN access with one touch.
Real-time access control management

One-touch access control management

The days of managing ACL's, firewall rules, or creating rudimentary JSON access lists are gone with VMShield™. From the VMShield™ Orchestrator you can create and manage complex access control policies across the entire EXSi environment with the touch of a button.

Create sophisticated user-VM or VM-VM connection policies in seconds

User access rights can be modified in seconds

Real-time micro-segmentation change enforcement

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