A demo image showing the BlastShield™ software-defined VPN setup.


A zero-trust FREE
enterprise VPN alternative!

BlastShield™ SD-VPN is a zero-trust, zero-config enterprise VPN solution that installs in minutes, provides one-touch access control, and is immune to VPN exploits! Oh, and did we mention... for our first 100 customers IT'S FREE!

A gif showing how easy it is to add new users or endpoints to the BlastShield™ software-defined VPN network
Zero-config provisioning & management

Provision in seconds

Forget about tedious network or user configurations. Simply add new users or endpoints via the BlastShield™ Orchestrator and generate their one-time use cryptographic registration code.

No network, firewall, or DNS configurations required!

This code will be used during initial registration of the user or endpoint

New users and endpoint will automatically discover and bond to the network

The BlastShield™ network will self-organize - no network changes!

Zero-trust default state - protecting onboarding of new users or endpoints

The BlastShield™ software-defined VPN uses secure edge to edge protection.
Powerful EDGE-to-edge protection

Unified edge-to-edge protection

BlastShield™ is built on a patent-pending peer-to-peer architecture, and leverages a unique encrypted transport that is immune to common vulnerabilities and architectural flaws with legacy VPN networks. In addition, the network is "identity aware", and binds access control with visibility across the entirety of the network.

P2P Server-less architecture with no VPN termination or bottlenecks

Unique encrypted transport - immune to SSL-VPN exploits

Edge-to-edge "identity awareness" enforcing user access control

Endpoint access and visibility (users or devices) is controlled by policy

Eliminates lateral movement, and beaconing to outside systems

A short gif showing the process of setting up the BlastShield™ software-defined VPN.
Password-less multi-factor authentication

Secure, convenient remote access in seconds!

BlastShield™ combines the power of password-less multi-factor authentication with the convenience of Apple Pay - to provide a simple, but secure authentication experience.

Seamless password-less multi-factor authentication

Prevents phishing and lateral movement

Significantly reduces the risk of theft

Available for Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android

A gif showing how you can control the BlastShield™ software-defined VPN access with one touch.
Real-time access control management

One-touch access control management

The days of managing ACL's, firewall rules, or creating rudimentary JSON access lists are gone with BlastShield™. From the BlastShield™ Orchestrator you can create and manage complex access control policies with the touch of a button.

Create access groups from any combination of endpoints

Endpoints and user access rights can be modified in seconds

Real-time access control changes are enforced immediately

The BlastShield™ software-defined VPN lets you use the same IP address anywhere.
automatic dns

The same IP address anywhere!

BlastShield™ automatically assigns an IP address to your device. That address travels with you wherever you go, and can be changed at any time. If you want to add DNS just assign your device a DNS name and it will automatically be recognized across the network. It's like having an invisible local network anywhere!

Automatically assigns IP addresses to your device - no network configs required

Change your IP address anytime, the network will recognize it

Assign a domain to your device in seconds!

The network will automatically recognize your domain!

The BlastShield™ software-defined VPN has no exposed web services.
reduced attack surface

No exposed web admin services!

Many VPN solutions provide admin access to their solutions via an exposed web service - often using usernames and passwords.  In 90% of attacks the web service itself is the target of the attack.  The BlastShield™ Orchestrator is hosted within the network, has no passwords, and has no exposed web services - significantly reducing the attack surface.

Distributed Web Service

Hosted within the BlastShield™ network

No usernames or passwords

No exposed web services to attack

Ready to get started!

If you want to learn more, you can schedule a demo to see BlastShield™ in action!

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