Take Back Your Power with Zero-Trust Protection from BlastWave

Stop hackers by crippling their toolbox with BlastShield.


Reimagining the software defined perimeter (SDP), BlastShield provides three profoundly important capabilities to disrupt the cyber kill chain in a breach from initial access to lateral movement:

Passwordless Multi-Factor
Authentication (MFA)

Secure Remote Access


“BlastShield truly works. In test after test, I was unsuccessful at circumventing its passwordless MFA login for remote access as well as break outside the software-defined microsegmentation to pivot around inside the network.” - Alissa Knight, CISO, Recovering Hacker

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BlastWave’s BlastShield™ integrates three innovative products into a single solution to help prevent inadvertent and intentional attacks. BlastWave combines Zero-Trust Network Access (ZTNA), state-of-the-art password-less multi-factor authentication (MFA), and microsegmentation into a single programmable overlay. This patented, peer-to-peer architecture enables high-performance and resilience. BlastWave is designed to eliminate many leading threats, like phishing, SSL-VPN and isolate others like insider threats and supply chain attacks.

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“BlastWave’s BlastShield brings a new level of security to our customers, regardless of their on-premises or remote work needs. In today’s COVID-19 environment, where remote access is key in the development and test space, customers are facing evolving cybersecurity challenges and an increased vulnerability to their intellectual property. ATxTel and BlastWave offer an end-to-end security solution capable of protecting key assets and sensitive IP contained within these test labs by rendering them invisible to malicious actors looking to gain access with intent of piracy or infringement of their technology.” - John Winans, President of ATxTel

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